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    Shanghai CL Supply Chain Limited Company (hereinafter referred to as CLSC) is an efficient and professional supply chain management company; it is a supply chain enterprise with Internet thinking and background which provides global closed-loop servi...
To build a complete supply chain of foreign trade is the unremitting pursuit of CLSC. In the era of network winning, there is no victory if there is no "network". The complete win-win network constructed by the modern commercial supply chain realizes the seamless connection between the upstream and downstream customers of CLSC. Our conpany and our staff understand that whoever has the scale advantage will have the market discourse power; whoever seizes the market terminal will have the market initiative. Over the years, CLSC has established and improved a set of scientific operation mode of logistics trade system, become an advanced enterprise in China's foreign trade industry with the help of its diversified supply chain structures, perfect customer service and high level of software and hardwarer. It radiates from East China to the mainland China, facing the world market and starting from Shanghai. CLSC adheres to the quality policy of "to optimize management, to offer timely, safe and high-quality service, and to ensure the continuous satisfaction of customers", and persists in relying on scientific management, modern information and technology and innovative services to build a comprehensive supply chain service provider trusted by customers.
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